Throwing the Ultimate Super Bowl Party

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a football at a super bowl party

This is the year you’re finally going to do it. You’re hosting the Super Bowl party for all your friends and family, and you want it to be epic. This will be a party that everyone enjoys and talks about for months — or at least until football season starts again.

Here’s what you need to know to throw the ultimate (and safest) Super Bowl Party. 

Make Food Easy

A Super Bowl party isn’t the time for using forks, napkins in laps, and sitting down to a big meal. You need food that’s easy to grab and eat with your hands. Stick with the party basics like chips and dip, nachos, wings, pretzels, and pizza. If you want to take some of the weight off your shoulders, turn it into a potluck and ask everyone to bring their favorite snack food. This way everyone will know there’s at least one thing they like and you have less to do.

Get the Right System 

If you’re hosting the Super Bowl bash, a small TV that only two people can watch won’t cut it. It’s time for a major upgrade to your viewing experience. The size of the screen is important and so is the sound. Get a TV with good sound quality and then upgrade it even more with a home theater sound system. Sound systems like Sonos work from a mobile app on your phone.

Invite Plenty of People and Give Them Jobs To Do

Invite your friends who love football and your friends who love to hang out, eat food, and have fun. During a Super Bowl party, the more the merrier — as long as you’ve got room. This is a great chance for your friends from work to meet your friends from the gym or your softball team. You know who in each friend group will hit it off. 

To make your life a little easier, give everyone a job. It could be the potluck for food and snacks, or you can get people to bring sodas, plates, napkins, and other necessities. If you’ve got friends that are hopeless about party prep, have them help move furniture so that everyone has a good view of the game.  

Test Your System and Have a Back Up Plan

If you upgraded your sound or TV to get ready for your Super Bowl Party, you definitely need to test it before the big game. Do a run through with something else the day or two before or the morning of. You’ll feel more confident when everyone’s there, and you’ll have fewer delays.

When it comes to electronics, anything can happen. Even if you don’t need it, make a backup plan. Is there a sports bar nearby you can all head to? Do you have an older or slightly smaller TV in another room you could swap out?

Think About Alcohol

As a host, you have to think about your liability. Serving alcohol can be fun, and it might be expected at a Super Bowl party, but it’s not without risk. If someone drinks alcohol at your party, drives off, and hurts someone else — you could be held liable for the accident.

Feel free to offer beer and wine, but also serve non-alcoholic drinks. You might also want to have a cut off time or limit on the amount of alcohol you’ll serve. Be prepared to let someone sleep on your couch or get them an Uber or Lyft to get them home.

Check Your Home Insurance 

Beyond alcohol consumption, there are other risks when throwing any party. The chance of someone getting hurt or something being damaged increase once you invite a lot of people into your home. Before your party, check your home insurance coverage. Make sure your liability coverage is high enough for any potential accident. If not, add an umbrella policy. This will cover your liability beyond your standard coverage up to the policy limit you choose.  

Before your Super Bowl party, contact us at Charlotte Insurance. We’ll make sure you’re covered for any potential risk. And maybe we can swap dip recipes or talk smack about each other’s favorite team.

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