South Carolina Insurance can be Designed to Cover your Jewelry!

Written By Charlotte Insurance on February 13, 2012. It has 0 comments.

Valentine’s Day has finally arrived! Did you go with chocolate this year or fine jewelry? Either way, we are sure your loved one is going to love their V-Day surprise. However, for those who DID go with fine jewelry: did you cover the valuable? South Carolina insurance can easily be designed to cover your new purchase!

Your loved one is sure to be in love with their gift- can you imagine if something happened to it? They would be heartbroken! Fine jewelry that is expensive and sentimental should always be protected with jewelry insurance.

What will jewelry insurance cover?

This policy can cover loss, theft or damages. However, it is best to go over the coverage you choose just to make sure; every policy is different.

How can you get jewelry insurance?

If you are a homeowner or renter, jewelry insurance can be added onto your plan as a supplemental policy.

If you enjoyed making your loved one happy with such a beautiful gift, it would be a shame to see something bad happen to it. Whether you have purchased an engagement ring or just a beautiful necklace, jewelry insurance should be a priority. Be sure to speak with one of our South Carolina insurance agent’s about this supplemental policy! We would LOVE to help!

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