Spring Home Maintenance

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Now that the winter weather is on its way out the door (minus those last minute cold snaps, of course), it’s time to turn your attention to spring. Not just the beautiful weather and the fun to be had outdoors. It’s also a good time to take care of spring home maintenance, especially as the cold weather can easily cause damage in and around your home.

Making repairs and doing a bit of maintenance now will make for a better spring and summer.

Check Your Roof

Cold, wet weather can do a lot to your roof over the winter months. Check to make sure no shingles are damaged or missing, and replace any as needed. Have your chimney inspected as well, to make sure there are no cracks or structural problems after a winter of use. If you used your fireplace regularly, now is a good time to have the flue cleaned and inspected, as well.

Check Doors and Windows

Between the damp and the changing temperatures, any wood around your doors and windows can easily swell and shrink multiple times during winter, making it easier for air to flow in and out of your home. You can probe wood trim to check its sturdiness with a screwdriver and replace or repair any problem areas. While you’re looking at doors and windows, check your screens for holes or tears. They’re meant to keep bugs out of your home, especially if you open your windows to let the breeze in, but they can only do that if the screens are intact.

Check Your Gutters

After a long winter of the last of the leaves falling, storms, and wind, your gutters likely need a bit of attention. Clean your gutters and downspouts so rain can move quickly away from your home. Replace or repair any loose or leaky gutters. Check to make sure the downspouts drain properly away from your home. The last thing you want is for water to soak into your home’s foundation.

Check Concrete Around Your Home

You’ve likely got more concrete around your home than you realize: the foundation, your driveway, walkways, a patio area around a pool. Look for cracks or signs of movement. Fill cracks with concrete filler or silicone caulk to prevent further damage. Once it’s dry, power wash and seal the concrete to protect it for the spring and summer ahead.

Check Outside Irrigation

Check your hose faucets for freeze damage from the winter. Replace and repair as needed. Also inspect your garden hose for any dry rot and get a new one if necessary. Run any sprinklers you may have and look for leaks and broken heads. Go ahead and get these fixed now before you’re ready to bring your lawn back to life after the cold winter.

Service Your HVAC System

After several months of running the heater or furnace, you want your HVAC system ready to handle the warm months ahead. Now is the time to schedule HVAC service and maintenance. This helps catch small problems before they become big (and expensive) problems. If you have a furnace, have it cleaned and checked so you know it’s in good working condition when next winter rolls around.

Regular maintenance, in spring and winter, keep your home in good condition and help catch problems before they become major repairs. This also gives you a good idea as to what condition your home is in and allows you to plan ahead for costly renovations and replacements (like a new roof).

One more thing you can do in the spring to help protect your home: check your home insurance policy and make any necessary updates. If you haven’t thought about your homeowners insurance in several years, you might not have enough coverage to protect your home or your family. Contact Charlotte Insurance today for a free quote or to check your current insurance coverage.

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