Stirring the Pot: The Unforeseen Risks Restaurants Face and How to Insure Them

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Stirring the Pot The Unforeseen Risks Restaurants Face and How to Insure Them

Restaurant owners need to have a lot of different types of insurance in place. Not only do they need to protect their building and equipment, but they also have to be covered just in case something happens with the food that they serve. Wondering which risks you might face? Want to know which types of restaurant insurance can help? Here’s a few examples you’ll definitely want to keep in mind.

Your Equipment Might Fail

In order to keep your restaurant running, you need a lot of equipment. From refrigerators and freezers that keep your food cold before you can cook it to the ranges, ovens, and other things that you use to cook the meals, you run a lot of risks. If one goes down, your entire kitchen might cease to function properly, and that doesn’t even take into account the issues that come with losing an entire refrigerator full of food. Thankfully, equipment breakdown insurance can help with this, providing funds to get things back up and running again.

Your Employees Might Commit Theft

Not every employee is trustworthy. You can do all of the background checks that you want, but there’s always that one person who slips through the cracks. While they may not be outwardly stealing from customers, they might be walking away with uncooked food from your walk-in or bottles of alcohol from the bar. Liability insurance can go a long way towards helping you recoup these losses.

Your Customers Might Get Sick

The one thing that every restaurant owner wants to avoid is a food illness outbreak coming from their location. Tracing E. coli, salmonella, and other pathogens is the job of the FDA, but if you’re implicated, you could end up having to settle lawsuits. This is another example of where having the right liability insurance in place can help a lot.

Your Restaurant Might Catch Fire

With all of the ranges and ovens going in the kitchen, the odds of a fire are unfortunately higher for restaurants than they are for other types of businesses. If a fire breaks out, the suppressive foam and any water used to put out the flames can cause quite a mess, not to mention the damage from the smoke and flames themselves. Property insurance can help you pay to get your restaurant back open again, and possibly even cover the cost of a new, temporary location in the meantime.

Your Workers Might Get Hurt

Restaurants and employee hazards often go hand in hand. Whether the culprit is a slippery, shiny floor without a proper warning sign or something spilled in the kitchen, it’s not unusual for employees to slip and injure themselves. When this happens, you’ll need to have workers’ compensation insurance in place to cover their medical expenses and time off work.

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