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Did you get engaged on Valentine’s Day? Congratulations! Now the fun begins with planning the big day. The fun can quickly turn into stress for many couples, but it doesn’t have to. While you’re working out the details and picking colors, attire, and music, don’t forget to consider wedding insurance, too.


Much like other insurance policies, wedding insurance protects you from the things you can’t control or foresee happening to ruin your big day. Wedding insurance policies can cover specific parts of the big day like photography, videos, attire, gifts, rings, deposits, and general liability. Typically, each part of the wedding that might be covered by a wedding insurance policy will have its own listed limits so it’s not just important to know what’s covered but also how much.

If something happens that prevents your wedding from taking place, a wedding insurance policy can help pay the expenses for rescheduling. The amount paid will be determined by your policy limits, minus any deductible you’re responsible for.


Like other insurance policies, specific incidents are covered by a wedding policy:

  • Problems with the wedding venue, like last minute cancellations due to weather or damage
  • Illness or injury to the bride, groom, or other essential members of the wedding party
  • Vendors who don’t show up
  • Weather or accidents that make it impossible for essential wedding party members or a majority of guests to get to the wedding.
  • Military deployment that occurs before your wedding
  • Unexpected job relocations
  • Damage caused by your wedding guests

Depending on the policy you select, your wedding insurance won’t just cover accidents, natural disasters, and illness that require a postponement. Some policies will pay for photography or videography re-staging and alternatives if the negatives or equipment are damaged after the wedding takes place. Stolen or damaged non-monetary gifts may also be covered by a wedding insurance policy – although there will be strict limits on this and a police report will likely need to be filed.


Wedding insurance doesn’t cover everything. As with any policy, there are exclusions and limitations. Your policy won’t pay if one of you has a change of heart and decides not to go through with the wedding. And while the wedding bands may be covered by your policy, an engagement ring may not be included in your coverage.

The sooner you purchase your wedding insurance policy, the better. Before you put down deposits, make sure you know what kind of insurance or guarantees the venue and vendors provide. If you choose wedding insurance, know what’s covered and how you’re protected. Some policies limit how far in advance you can purchase coverage, but if you just got engaged, now is the time to find out.

Are you newly engaged? From all of us at Charlotte Insurance, congratulations! If you’re interested in wedding insurance for your big day, contact us! We’d love to help you make it a day to remember — and only for good reasons!

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