Celebrate the New Year Safely

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champagne bottles on ice at a new year's eve party where people are celebrating the new year safely

New Year’s Eve is a time to ring out the old and ring in the new. New Year’s Eve parties are filled with people, fun, and, plenty of alcohol. There’s nothing wrong with responsibly enjoying a couple of drinks, but you need to think about staying safe. Whether you’re a host or a party-goer, keep these safety tips in mind.

Party Hosts Safety Tips

Throwing a New Year’s Eve party? Make sure it stays fun and doesn’t end in tragedy — or with a liability claim against your Charlotte home insurance policy.

Serve Less Alcohol

The best way to avoid anyone leaving your home while intoxicated and getting into an accident is to serve a minimal amount of alcohol. Instead of an open bar that pours drinks all night, create a cut-off point for the alcohol. You could also hold the alcohol for the champagne toast at the end of the night. Make sure you offer plenty of soda, coffee, water, and other non-alcoholic options no matter how much alcohol is available. 

Have Everyone Stay Over

If decreasing the flow of alcohol isn’t something you want to do, make plans to have everyone stay over. You may need to keep the party small to accommodate everyone, but it means no one has to get on the road or figure out where their car is. You can continue the fun going with a New Year’s Day brunch. 

Call Ride Shares for Intoxicated Partiers

As the host who’s serving the alcohol, you have a responsibility when anyone becomes inebriated according to social host liability laws. If staying over isn’t an option and someone imbibes too much, despite your best efforts, call an Uber or Lyft for them. Take car keys at the beginning of the night and don’t give them back. Schedule a ride for anyone who needs one.

Party Night Safety Tips

You’re not hosting the party, but you’re hitting as many as you can and watching the ball drop at midnight. Here’s what you need to know to keep yourself and everyone else safe.

Take a Ride Share Everywhere 

Skip the chance that you could drive drunk, get into an accident, and hurt someone. Get a ride to every party. You don’t have to worry about keeping up with your keys or how you’ll get back home safely. You’ll avoid accidents and keep the fun going. 

Be a Designated Driver

Want to go to the parties, but not interested in drinking? Offer to be a designated driver for your friends. You’ll have a perfect reason not to take a drink if anyone offers, and you’ll know that the people you care about are a little safer at the end of the night. Be careful out on the roads. If it starts snowing or icing over, stay at the party until it’s safe to drive.  Also, be aware that not everyone out on the road will have been responsible enough to plan ahead; so you may encounter other impaired drivers.

Never Drink and Drive 

Maybe you don’t plan to drink, but know it could happen. Or you’re the type who doesn’t seem drunk after a few so no one takes your keys away. No matter what, don’t drink and drive. It can take just a single drink to impair your judgement or your reflexes. Add in bad weather and other inebriated drivers, and your chances of getting into an auto accident become even higher. If you drink, don’t drive. If you drive, don’t drink — or get a ride from someone else instead. 

New Year’s Eve is supposed to be a time to celebrate, but too often it’s a night of tragedy and pain. Auto accidents after drinking are common at this time of year. Avoid the liability, the pain, and the problems and stay safe this New Year’s Eve. 

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