Creating Safer Workspaces

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hard hats belonging to a company that follows workplace safety guidelines

While you can’t prevent all accidents or workers’ compensation claims, you can create a safer workspace for your employees and yourself. Doing so will keep your employees out of harm’s way and your costs down.

Here’s how you can create a safer work area for your employees.

Provide Safety Training

Common sense isn’t always common, and you can’t hold someone accountable for a rule you never told them about. Making your business safer begins with training your employees on how to work smartly and safely. Go over your company’s safety manual. Explain the procedures to prevent an accident or notify someone of a potential hazard. Provide this training on a routine basis and for all new employees. 

Reward Employees for Safe Behavior

It’s not enough to not have an accident. When an employee exhibits safe behavior — cleaning up a spill, using proper equipment, letting someone know about a problem — reward them for it. This might be a small bonus, a restaurant gift card, or some other acknowledgement. Not only do you show the value and importance of safety, you encourage the same behavior from others.

Maintain Equipment and Clean Workspaces 

Many accidents are avoidable as long as the area is neat and clean and all equipment functions properly. Create a system for checking and maintaining any equipment in your business. Make sure employees understand the importance of a clean workspace and keep it neat and tidy. Reward compliance and reprimand those who fail to comply. 

Provide Proper Equipment

Not only should your employees have the proper tools they need to complete a job, they should also have the necessary safety equipment. This includes hard hats, restraint systems, and properly functioning ladders, heavy equipment, and more. Your employees should not be “making do” with materials that aren’t right for the job they’re doing. That’s the quickest way to an expensive accident. 

Encourage Breaks to Stretch and Rest 

It doesn’t matter if your employees sit at a desk all day or if they’re lifting heavy boxes. They all need a break from the work they do. Any job can lead to an over use injury. While certain breaks are legally required, encourage your workers to use those and other breaks to move their body and stretch. This can help prevent injuries due to fatigue or overuse. A few minutes each day of stretching or walking can add up to healthier employees over time.

Follow OSHA and Other Regulations

Not only should all legal requirements and regulations be followed as mandated by law, but you should also consider suggested best practices that aren’t required. Make sure signs and labels are placed in appropriate areas. Never ask or allow an employee to do something that goes against safety regulations. These rules aren’t written to cost you more money. They’re meant to save lives.

Partner with Outside Help

An occupational clinician who specializes in workplace safety could help you find safety problems you’re unaware of. They may also offer practical advice on how to prevent injuries for your employees. This kind of help is good for all industries, not just those with more potential for accidents or injuries. Even office workers need help staying safe and injury-free.

A safer workplace isn’t just a happier, healthier one. It also costs less to maintain and operate. No matter how safe your business is, you still need a good workers’ compensation insurance policy. Contact Charlotte Insurance today for a free quote.

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