Ever Heard of Hagerty?

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If you’ve never heard of Hagerty, it’s probably because you don’t own a collector or classic car. They specialize in providing insurance for car aficionados looking to protect their “babies” from any possible harm. What kind of danger is there for cars that only see the open road on rare occasions? Read on and find out some of the wackiest claims that Hagerty has dealt with in the past!


Got goats? You might want to hide your 1965 Ford Mustang! Some unfortunate South Carolina residents left their garage open during their child’s birthday party, leaving open access to their beauty in the garage. Apparently the neighbor’s goats decided to crash the party, and ended up climbing all over the Mustang, snacking on the top as well!


Make sure you do your spring cleaning under the hood before you take off on your first joy ride of the year! A man took his 1971 Jaguar E-Type on the road without a look under the hood, and was disappointed when the engine quickly overheated. The mechanic was quick to find the problem: a large snake had decided to kick back and relax on some pulleys under the hood, and the belts had come off. Who knew a snake could take down a Jaguar?


Classic cars usually aren’t designed to handle bumps well, but a Louisiana driver continued on after hitting something with his 1940 Chevy Custom Coupe, since it was still in good enough shape to drive, and he didn’t realize what he had hit. It wasn’t until he surveyed the damage at home that he realized he hit something much larger than the average roadkill. He went out looking to find the culprit, and found a 12-foot alligator in the road. Moral of the story: don’t mess with ‘gators, even with your car!


We recommend wearing regular shoes when you’re driving instead of flip flops, and here’s why: On the way back from a relaxing beach day, father and son were enjoying their 1979 VW Super Beetle Cabriolet. The driver’s flip flop got caught up in the pedals, and they drifted into oncoming traffic and totaled the bug. Thankfully they avoided any major injuries.


It’s every car owner’s nightmare: valet parking, and it was a total loss, much to the chagrin of one classic car owner. A young valet driver was a little too excited to park a Maserati, and ended up colliding with another valet driver in a nearby Jeep. Believe it or not, it gets worse. The Jeep slammed into a Porsche 356SC coupe, and it was the end of that classic car.
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