How to Spruce Up your Rental

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Being a renter doesn’t mean you have to live with beige everything or never decorate for fear of losing your security deposit. All it means is that you need to be a bit more creative in how you spruce things up. Just because you don’t own it, doesn’t mean you can’t love it or have fun!

Check out these non-permanent ideas to add fun, color, and style to your home.


Permanently changing the backsplash in your kitchen could definitely cost you your security deposit. Go with a temporary solution by using fabric. It’s easy to put up and easy to take down, so you can swap it for different colors and patterns whenever you want. When you’re ready to move, it’ll be a quick removal with no painting required.


Your doormat is the first thing people see before they walk inside. Let it make a statement! You can go fancy with a monogram or look for stencils to make something truly unique. Once you settle on the look, it’s time to pick your color. Basic black keeps it classy while choosing your favorite colors lets your personality shine through.


Obviously paint isn’t an option for a fabric couch or chair, but if you found or have an old set of wooden chairs and a dining table, paint is your friend. Pick colors that make a statement and change it up as much as you’d like. You can paint each chair a different color or add a design to your table. It’s up to you.


Another thrift store or side-of-the-road find, carts can make excellent shelving units without having to put holes in the wall. Clean it up, paint it a fun color, and stick it in a corner. You can put plants, books, or whatever you’d like. In the kitchen, it’s great for storing cookbooks or pots and pans. In the bedroom or living room, you can make it a bookshelf.


Let Pinterest be your guide on this one, but feel free to make your own wall art. You can decorate and be as creative as you’d like for not a lot of money. Use paint swatches, old pallets, forgotten mirrors, and anything else you can get your hands on. With a bit of paint or finish, or some glue and an inexpensive frame, you’ll have created a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that is all yours.


How you add a ladder to your decor depends on the space you have available. In larger rooms, you can open an old wooden ladder, place a board across the steps, and use it for books, plants, or anything else. In small spaces, close the ladder and lean it against the wall. Now it’s a towel rack, a place to store shoes and accessories, or a way to put together tomorrow’s work or “special occasion” outfit.

While you’re taking care of how your rental looks, make sure you take care of your stuff, too. Purchase a renter’s insurance policy to make sure everything you own can be replaced after a storm, fire, or other covered accident. It’s very affordable, and can give you peace of mind knowing that you’ve taken care of yourself and the things that matter to you. Contact Charlotte Insurance today to learn more and find out how inexpensive it really is.

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