Landscaper Surety Bonds

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With the passage of the new laws governing licensed landscapers in North Carolina, there’s a lot to take in and understand so that you’re in compliance. As of August 1, landscapers are no longer simply registered within the state but are now licensed and must show proof of purchase for surety bonds. What does this mean for you as a professional landscaper?


The North Carolina Landscape Contractors’ Registration Board is now the North Carolina Landscape Licensing Board. All registered landscapers will be grandfathered into the new system and will be issued licenses as landscapers without the need for an exam as long as minimum requirements are met:

  • Show proof of Surety Bonds of $10,000
  • Completion of application
  • One of the following three options:
  • Currently registered as landscape contractor
  • Currently licensed as irrigation consultant
  • Currently certified as a turf grass professional

The licensing board will send all registered landscapers the necessary forms in order to stay in compliance with the new law. Be on the look out for it so you don’t miss any deadlines. The forms will also be posted to the Landscape Licensing Board website as soon as they are available.


Surety bonds help keep you protected as well as showing your current and future clients that you are a true professional who takes the protection of your customers seriously. Take a look at the different types of surety bonds so that you have a full understanding of what your options include.

Bid Bonds: These bonds make sure that those who bid on a contract will enter into the agreement. This gives your landscaping customers peace of mind before they’ve had time to get to know you. This is your guarantee to them that, if awarded with the contract, you will do the work.

Payment Bonds: This type of bond protects you as a landscaping professional, making sure that you are paid for the work you perform. No more working hard and being cheated by a customer who won’t pay.

Performance Bonds: More protection for your customers and peace of mind while you’re establishing trust, this bond guarantees that whatever is outlined in the contract will be completed correctly and properly.

Maintenance Bonds: Let your customers know you will always ensure their maintenance and warranty provisions within your contract are carried out to the letter.

Let’s face it. You’re a professional, and your word is your bond. But how many business owners and home owners have you met that were burned by their previous landscaper? They were made promises of work to be done, and it never happened. Once that happens to a customer, it’s difficult to establish trust with anyone new. While they may be required by law, surety bonds allow you to give your new clients and customers peace of mind before they sign on the dotted line.

You have a family to take care of and crew that need to be paid. Surety bonds protect you, too. Give yourself room to breathe easier knowing that you’ll have one less thing to worry about each month when invoices are due.

When you’re ready to purchase your surety bonds for your landscaping business, contact Charlotte Insurance. We’re here to help landscapers in North Carolina and South Carolina get the surety bonds that they need.

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