More than an Insurance Agent – A Risk Manager

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You’ve worked hard to build your net worth, and you still see more growth in sight. In the business world, you work with risk managers to make sure your business is protected and the risks associated with that business are minimized. As a high net worth individual you need something similar in your personal life.

Instead of the typical “insurance agent” to help you protect your personal assets and investments, you need someone to help you effectively manage all of the risks that come with your lifestyle. You need a risk manager.

There are excellent insurance agents in the industry who do a wonderful job. Several of them work here in our office. But in your unique position, you need something more. You need someone who can identify, assess, and help you control the economic risk from loss or damage to your personal assets and investments. The average insurance agent cannot help you with this.

A risk manager as your agent will know that the standard homeowner’s insurance coverages aren’t enough for your home and property. They’ll offer higher deductible auto insurance plans knowing you’re in a position to afford it and save you money on your premiums. They can help you with the necessary appraisals and other information for your valuables in order to have itemized coverage in the event of loss or damage. A risk manager will be able to ask the right questions, understand the difference in your lifestyle from that of the typical customer and adjust so that you have the right coverage for your unique needs.


With our Private Client Services, you’ll work with risk managers who have the expertise to handle your unique situation. These agents know the right questions to ask, what to look for, and the different types of coverage available to protect you, your family, and your assets.

They can help you determine the right coverage for a variety of issues unique to your life:

You not only need a risk manager that can help you protect what you’ve built and the family you love, you need someone with complete discretion and professionalism. Your life is not something to be discussed around the water cooler. Our highly skilled agents will safely, effectively, and thoroughly guide you through finding the right policies and helping you protect your family, assets, investments, and yourself. The team at Charlotte Insurance will be your personal risk managers.

Our Private Client Services are available to meet your needs. Contact us today to begin the discussion on how to best manage your personal risk.

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