The Role of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) in Auto Insurance

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The Role of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) in Auto Insurance

If you end up in an automobile accident, who pays for the medical bills of your passengers? What about your own medical bills? In some cases, those end up being covered by the person who is found to be at fault for the accident, although this usually involves a lawsuit and settlements before everyone is happy or at least has their bills paid.

Thankfully, there’s another option: personal injury protection. Also known as PIP for short, this is additional coverage that you can add to your current auto insurance policy to cover those medical expenses and lost workdays, regardless of who’s at fault for the accident.

What Exactly Does PIP Cover?

Personal injury protection policies live up to their name by providing you, one of the drivers in an accident, with insurance protection. It can also cover anyone who was riding with you in the car. Generally, a PIP policy pays for:

  • Medical Bills – Depending on the severity of the accident, medical bills can be very expensive. Whether you and your passengers end up with whiplash, broken bones, internal trauma, or head injuries, your PIP insurance will often cover your medical expenses.
  • Funeral Costs – In some accidents where the worst happens, a personal injury protection policy can cover general funeral expenses, from the casket to the plot and more. While no one wants to think about such things, it’s good to know that you have this extra coverage, just in case.
  • Missed Wages – If you or your passengers end up missing work due to the injuries that you received in the accident, then your PIP policy may end up paying for those lost hours. You’ll receive money as a way to reimburse you for any time missed at work.
  • Survivor Payments – Should you end up passing away in the accident or due to injuries sustained during it, what will happen to your spouse or children? Rather than rely on your life insurance or lack thereof, your personal injury protection policy will provide them with an amount of money based on many factors, including whether or not you were the main breadwinner.
  • Additional Services – What happens if you can’t clean your home or walk your dog due to your injuries? You’ll need to hire someone to help with these everyday activities. Your PIP policy often covers these extra services, reimbursing you for the expenses for things that you can no longer do yourself, at least until you heal.

Do You Need Personal Injury Protection?

Some states require you to have a personal injury protection policy as a part of your car insurance. Others have it listed as an optional policy. It all comes down to whether or not the state sees accidents at being “at fault” or “no fault.” However, if you don’t live in one of these states, you can still purchase a PIP policy and have it added to your car insurance costs.

Have Questions? Contact Charlotte Insurance

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