Safely Sharing the Road with Motorcycles and Bicycles

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With the weather warming up, cold snaps notwithstanding, bicycles and motorcycles are being pulled out of garages and hitting the roads. We all have to share the road with each other, so it’s important to look out for anyone on two wheels.

Here are a few tips to safely share the road with bicycles and motorcycles.


When you live near a park, riding trail, or school, you’re used to seeing kids and adults on bikes more often. But after the winter, it’s easy to forget what to do so everyone stays safe. The biggest rule to remember is to slow down, especially when a bicyclist is in the bike lane on the road with you. Get into the other lane if you can or swing wide and give them a few extra feet of space.

The other thing you need to do is to pay attention. Yield to bikes in crosswalks and in school zones. If they’re turning too, let them go first. When you’re making a turn, look closely for bikes. Younger riders don’t always think about the potential danger and will zip right across a street. If you turn at the same time, the results could be catastrophic.


If motorcycles make you a bit nervous, you’re not alone. Because they’re smaller and are sometimes ridden at high speeds, it’s hard to know where they are or what they’ll do next. Because they’re so small, though, even a safe rider can get into a nasty accident. Always physically check your blind spots before changing lanes. Sometimes the only way to see anyone, car or motorcycle, is by turning your head instead of relying on your mirrors.

Riders, even when wearing a helmet, are extremely vulnerable out on the road. Stay at least four seconds behind a motorcycle on the road so that you have time if traffic comes to an abrupt stop or if there’s a sudden turn. Also, take your time when turning in front of a motorcycle. Make sure they truly are turning the other way or coming to a stop. Sometimes, they’re heading at you full speed and may not catch themselves in time.

The easiest way to keep everyone safe on the road is to stay patient. Slow down, keep your eyes open, and try not to be in as big of a hurry as you might normally be. The worst accidents happen when drivers are in a rush.

Even with precautions, accidents still happen. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have plenty of auto insurance that can cover you in almost any situation. Increase your liability limits in case you’re at fault for an accident. When people get hurt on bicycles or motorcycles, injuries are expensive. Sadly, death is a real possibility. Make sure you have uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, too, in case someone else is at fault for the accident. In North Carolina, motorcycle riders are required to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance, but that may not be enough in a big accident.

Do your part to make the roads a safer place, but also make sure you’re protected in an accident. Contact Charlotte Insurance today to check your auto insurance coverage or get a quote for a new policy.

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