Tips for Developing a Maintenance Schedule for your NC Business

Written By Charlotte Insurance on September 13, 2012. It has 0 comments.

As a business owner in NC it makes more sense to develop a preventative maintenance schedule for your business than to constantly have to deal with random problems as they arise. A maintenance schedule need not be overly-complex and it should form part of your business’s risk management program.

You could start by developing a written plan for matters to be attended to daily, weekly, monthly half-yearly or annually. Some suggestions include:

• Daily – ensure that lights and equipment are switched off and that the building is secured at the end of each day.

• Weekly – test fire- and smoke-alarms and check workspaces to ensure they are kept clear of obstacles.

• Monthly – check fire equipment, test emergency lighting and exit doors, ensure that walk-off mats are dry and safe to walk on, and inspect car-parking lots and walking paths for holes or obstacles.

• Half-yearly – schedule-in professional services for the business’s elevators, equipment, automatic gates and doors, fire-protection systems, motor vehicles, heating and cooling equipment, gutter and downspout cleaning, and tree maintenance and pruning.

• Yearly – this would be a good time to plan for a thorough roof and building inspection from a structural engineer, conduct a new risk assessment, and review and upgrade your risk management program and business insurance policies to ensure they are adequate for your business’s needs.

A maintenance schedule should help you to keep on top of problems in your workplace, and may also help to reduce losses and business insurance claims and costs. For help and guidance regarding your business insurance coverage, contact one of our expert agents in NC.

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