13 Overlooked Insurance Discounts

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a home covered with a charlotte NC home insurance policy

If you’re willing to make some changes around your home and in your life, you can easily qualify for discounts that will save you money on your Charlotte homeowner's insurance policy. Take a look at these often overlooked ways to reduce your rates and qualify for discounts.

Home Improvements

Fixing up your home and making structural improvements can have a major impact on your insurance premiums.

  • Install a high-impact roof to bring it up to current building codes.
  • Rewire your home, especially in older homes, to reduce the chance of fire.
  • Update your plumbing - new pipes usually don’t leak.
  • Upgrade your HVAC. This isn’t just good for your energy costs. You also have less chance of mold, mildew, and other damage with a well functioning system.

Improved Safety

Making your home safe or choosing to live in a safer neighborhood will definitely lower your home insurance costs.

  • Install high tech alarm systems
  • Add carbon monoxide detectors as well as smoke alarms.
  • Install sensors that can detect gas leaks and water leaks.
  • Stop smoking. Forgotten cigarettes and burning ashes are the precursors to home fires.
  • Choose a gated community. Insurance companies love gated communities because your chances of theft and vandalism go down with this layer of security.
  • Join the homeowner’s association (HOA). Like a gate, HOAs provide a measure of security plus they often have basic upkeep and maintenance requirements.

Age, Insurance, and Other Discounts

There are a few small things that can go a long way to saving you plenty of money on your homeowners insurance.

  • Bundle your insurance together. If you purchase your home, auto, and/or life insurance from the same company, you’ll get a discount.
  • Enjoy getting older. Around age 55, you may qualify for a discount on your insurance for your primary home, especially if you’ve lived there for many years.
  • Only file claims if you have to. The longer you can go without filing a claim, the more of a discount you’ll receive.

If you’ve taken any of these steps recently, make sure your insurance agent knows so you can get the discounts you’re entitled to. Give us a call at Charlotte Insurance. We’ll be happy to go over your policy, find discounts you qualify for, and get you a better price for your home insurance.


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